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Our mission at The Church of Garden Valley is to cultivate an environment free from distractions, allowing guests to engage with the message. Leveraging our unique gifts, we strive to assist guests in finding their seats, facilitating giving, and hosting an experience for all to encounter the power of God.


Dedicated to creating a warm, Christ-filled atmosphere at The Church of Garden Valley, our team has the distinct privilege of extending greetings, giving high fives, opening doors, and distributing worship guides. Our goal is to ensure that each guest feels the love of Christ displayed through our actions.


Our purpose is to welcome first-time guests and make them feel at home at The Church of Garden Valley. This involves being a guest's first friend, providing them with a VIP pamphlet and a T-shirt, showing them around our location, and addressing any questions they may have about getting connected.


We exist to provide a warm, welcoming, and safe parking experience for anyone who attends services at The Church of Garden Valley. We help guests feel welcome and safe as they drive onto location by directing traffic, driving golf carts, and helping guests cross the street safely with a friendly smile.


We are dedicated to covering services, teams, ministries, and events at The Church of Garden Valley in prayer. Gathering prayer requests from the church, we engage in intercessory prayer for those needs every Sunday morning. Additionally, we serve at the grey tent, offering prayers for individuals who request specific intercession at the close of services.


The production team is the behind-the-scenes engine driving our Sunday Morning Experience at The Church of Garden Valley. Comprising individuals with diverse skill sets such as lighting technicians, sound engineers, and computer operators, we work together to create a space for worship. No experience is required, as training is available for those interested in contributing.


Our focus is on providing an elevated level of comfort and assurance for guests at all locations of The Church of Garden Valley. Drawing on our experience, we work to protect guests, children, and students while offering excellent first aid care in both emergency and non-emergency situations. A background check is required for this position.


 Our mission is to guide people from where they are to where God wants them to be through life-giving and dynamic worship experiences.

Learn more about joining us here.


Valley Kids is committed to guiding children from where they are to where God wants them to be! Catering to ages 6 weeks to 4th grade, our team is dedicated to demonstrating to every child that God has a unique purpose and plan for their life. We aim to collaborate with parents, establishing a foundation on God's Word through relevant, age-appropriate, and enjoyable activities. Our teams consist of Check-in, Dreamers (6 weeks-24 months), Explorers (2-3 years), Voyagers (Pre K and K), and Aviators (1st-4th grades). Whatever your strengths may be, there's a place on our team for you to make a lasting impact on the next generation! To ensure the utmost safety for the children at Valley, each team member is required to undergo a background check before serving.


The Valley Student team provides you with the opportunity to help reach the next generation for Jesus and move them from where they are to where God wants them to be. If you have a passion for helping raise up the next generation and make an eternal impact this is the team for you! To join our team we will schedule a one on one meeting with you after you fill out the Dream Team form. We can’t wait for you to join our team!

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