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The Church of Garden Valley believes that people are the church not a building. This is why we put so much emphasis and focus on our ministries. Each ministry is designed to not only enhance your experience at our church, but connect you to a deeper walk with Christ and with others.

Whether you are looking to join our Life Groups, or find a great place for your kids and youth-aged students to plug in, we have something here at TCOGV for each member of your family!

Take-Off Kid's Ministry

Kids are a top priority here at TCOGV! We believe that it is important to invest into the future of our church. Take-off kids offers a unique experience as kids each week learn more about God's word and connect with him in different ways. From birth-5th grade, we have a place for your child in our kids church family!

NEXT Student Ministry

NEXT student ministry takes youth ministry to a whole new level. From weekly gatherings, ministry opportunities and local outreach to a national Fine Arts festival and competition where ministry is showcased, NEXT has it all. Meeting weekly on Wednesdays starting at 6:30pm your 6th-12th grader will enjoy fellowship and the study of God's word with other youth-aged believers.

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Crew 56

Crew 56 is a dynamic ministry tailored for fifth and sixth graders, providing a unique and engaging space for young individuals to grow spiritually and connect with their peers. The ministry aims to create a supportive environment where participants can explore and deepen their faith, build lasting friendships, and navigate the challenges of this transitional phase of life.

Young Adults

The Young Adults Ministry for individuals aged 19 to 30 is a vibrant community that seeks to address the unique needs and aspirations of this stage in life. Designed as a space for spiritual exploration, personal growth, and communal connection, this ministry offers a dynamic blend of meaningful discussions, worship experiences, and social activities.

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Women's Ministry

Women's ministry provides our ladies the opportunity to connect with one another and flourish as a group of confident and God-fearing women. From book clubs and small gatherings to large group community banquets and events, TCOGV women is looking forward to connecting with you.

Men's Ministry

Men's ministry is a great way for men of all ages to come together and sharpen each other as scripture commands us to do. Come and join the Men of Garden Valley and grow in your relationship with God and have fellowship with other God-fearing believers. 

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Young At Heart  

Discover the warmth and wisdom of The Church of Garden Valley's 'Young at Heart' Adult Senior Ministry. Join us for fellowship, activities, and a supportive community celebrating the vibrancy of life's journey. Embrace joy, camaraderie, and purpose together with 'Young at Heart'.

Life Groups

Life Groups is a transformative ministry that emphasizes the beauty of authentic community by bringing individuals together in the intimate setting of homes. These groups, comprised of diverse individuals seeking connection and spiritual growth, create a space where participants can genuinely do life together.

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