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Our Core Values

We Passionately Pursue God.

Passion is not merely a style that one adopts, but rather, it is a profound and wholehearted commitment that transcends every season of life. This truth holds particular significance at the Church of Garden Valley, where the pursuit of God is not just encouraged but fervently embraced.

Worship at TCOGV

We Love Endlessly.

The biblical perspective on love emphasizes that love is not merely an emotion or fleeting feeling but a conscious choice and commitment. The phrase "Love is a choice" encapsulates a profound truth deeply rooted in the teachings of the Bible. The significance of choosing love, even in challenging circumstances, is intricately woven into the fabric of biblical principles.

We Give Generously.

The act of giving—be it time, talent, or treasure—is not just a generous gesture but a profound expression of faith and commitment to expanding the Kingdom of God. This concept is deeply rooted in who we are here at T5e Church of Garden Valley.


We Change Our World.

We were created by God on purpose for a purpose. We will step into the good works God has for us and change the word around us.

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