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LIFT: Foundations for Kids is our response to a pressing and growing concern within today's generation of children. Recognizing that children need more than just instruction but an opportunity to explore and understand God's Word for themselves, we've crafted an essential and ENERGIZING extracurricular experience for your child! Understanding that fun is essential, each session kicks off with the most LIFTing game of their week. From there, they'll delve into our Question of the Week, tackling inquiries such as "What is Truth?" and "Who is God?"

Engaging in memory verse challenges reinforces their learning, firmly planting seeds of God's Truth in their hearts. Through small group discussions and guidance from our dedicated leaders, your child will encounter moments of revelation and understanding within God's Word that they'll carry with them for a lifetime. Our team is dedicated to partnering with you this season to establish a LIFTing foundation of faith that endures. Parents will find a seamless connection between curriculums, facilitating family discussions and exploration of God's Word together.

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